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The J.King Ecology offer includes two-wheeled new containers, entirely produced in Poland, with a capacity of 120 to 240 liters. The containers are made of the highest quality polyethylene (HDPE), in five colors, in accordance with EU standards (PN EN 840-1) and have appropriate approvals. The containers we offer are resistant to low and high temperatures and cracking, are adapted to mechanical emptying them by specialized vehicles, are also equipped with a location chip socket (ReflD), as well as solid rubber wheels, allowing easy and quiet movement of the container.

Out of concern for the natural environment, in 2016 we expanded our offer to used containers of various capacities, which we import from European Union countries. We only import containers that have undergone careful selection and are suitable for further use. In order to ensure adequate sanitation and cleanliness, all containers offered by J.King Ecology are thoroughly cleaned before selling and shipping. For this purpose, in 2016, we purchased a modern Austrian container cleaning system Feistmantl BWA COMPACT, through which it is possible to prepare the containers very accurately in terms of cleanliness and meet the expectations of our customers.

J.King Ecology is also active in the plastics processing sector. Trying to limit the amount of waste, we obtain damaged containers that are unsuitable for use, and then process them into a full-value granulate, which is reused for the production of our containers.

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